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Gambia elects councilors tomorrow

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The Gambian electoral cycle enters into another phase tomorrow when voters will elect 120 ward Councilors from 409 candidates.
Two of the candidates however have been declared elected unopposed.
According to the IEC, all election materials have been transported to the 1406 polling stations in the country and the polls will be opened at 8am.

The various parties and independents last night concluded their campaign with today being declared a cooling period.
The United Democratic Party is contesting 113 seats, GDC 82, PDOIS 32, NRP 26, NCP 5, PPP 32, Independent 25, APRC 63, GMC 14, and the GPDP 17.

Meanwhile the newly formed civic society organisation Gambia Kiling, One Gambia will be among the local election observers.
The body has been accredited by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).
‘Gambia Kiling’ is a peace advocacy organization established with the aim of sensitizing Gambians about the importance of unity and oneness in the country.

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Ndumeh Sallah GDC
LatriKunda Sabiji ward

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