Gambians are progressing in consciousness – Halifa


By Omar Bah

The Secretary General of the People’s Democratic Organization for Independence and Socialism has expressed confidence in the level of consciousness within Gambians over the past year.
Speaking to scores of Banjulians recently during an awareness campaign outing, Halifa Sallah, who is also the National Assembly Member for Serekunda, said he is very optimistic that one day Gambians would fully take ownership of what belongs to them.

“I do not know whether I will be alive to witness that day but I am very confident that one day the Gambian would be very conscious of himself or herself and conscious of his/her rights. Because a person who has the power to elect and remove a president, national assembly member and councilor, nobody is more powerful than that person…And that person must not live and die in poverty,” he said.
He prophesized coming of a day when the Gambian will raise his/her shoulder and denounce any form of exploitation, be it by politicians or any other person.


“I am very optimistic that that day is very close. Because I sense that the Gambian is beginning to take ownership of what belongs to him/her. A day will come every Gambian will realise that the Gambians are the majority and when that time comes, no tribal or religious sentiments will make strive in this country,” he stated.
On the change of regime, Hon. Sallah said Gambians should all realise that there is a change “but what we expected from the change is that we would forget tribes and political party affiliations and we all work towards building a better Gambia.”

“Then after the transition Gambians would be conscious of their rights….From there then political parties can surface and we elect the right people to lead the country. Because as things stand few people would continue to enjoy whiles the majority will continue to suffer,” he said.