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Gambia For 5 Years cancels counter demo against Nov. 11 protest

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By Omar Bah

The Gambia For 5 Years, a group best known for its counter demonstration defending President Barrow’s right for a full five-year term against the 3 Years Jotna movement, has called off a planned demonstration on November 12.
The planned demonstration was to counter a protest by a group calling itself Coalition of Progressive Gambians, who has vowed to protest on November 11.
However, in a statement signed by its chairman Ebrima Sorrie Bah, the group called on Gambians to ignore the November 11 protest because it is misconceived especially coming at the peak of the tourist season.
“We have ditched our 12th November planned peace and constitutionality solidarity march in the interest of peace. We believe the other group is taking refuge behind the high cost of living and alleged widespread corruption but we consider their reasons to have been blown out of proportion and bearing treasonous motives that are potential threats to peace, development and constitutionality in The Gambia,” the statement said.
It went on: “Therefore, the executive committee of the Gambia For 5 Years group has dropped its plan to take to the streets but instead adopted a new slogan: Stay Home and do not partake in November 11 Friday’s demo. We hereby appeal to all Gambians to stay away from troublesome Friday protest. That said, we want to encourage the November 11 group, government, civil society, religious denominations and international community to enter into a peaceful negotiation to ensure the demonstration doesn’t escalate.”

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