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Gambia: Jammeh is a product of all tribes’

Kanifing mayoral aspirant Bakary Badjie has said that when it comes to former President Jammeh, Gambians from all tribes helped make it possible for his dictatorship to last for 22-years.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Standard’s newly introduced column ‘Mayors’ Podium’ Badjie said: “Some people want to take the whole blame of what Yahya Jammeh did and place it on Jolas but the reality is that people from all tribes and background contributed in making him”.
However Mr Badjie said contrary to most people’s view, he does not think that tribalism is even an issue in The Gambia.

“It [tribalism] may happen from time to time, but I don’t see it as a major effect in my campaign or an issue,” he said.

A former head of programmes at the Child Protection Alliance, Badjie, 36, believes that the only way to eradicate the ‘ugly face’ of tribalism in the country is for political leaders to shun it and preach against it.
“The political leaders need to take their rightful position and denounce it,” he emphasised.

“Political leaders are idolised, and they are seen as people who can make or unmake everything. So, if today all of these political leaders stand up and denounce tribal politics, and even condemn some of their members that are bent on using tribal lines, then it will stop. But once they allow it to continue, it will be very difficult to eradicate,” Badjie advised.

On his candidature, Badjie said he and his team if elected will change the way taxes are collected and managed by the Council to pull the Municipality out of its predicament to an economic boom and a gateway for innovation.

He also promised to look into the agreement the KMC signed with one Italian company called JMP few years ago to address the long-standing garbage issue at Bakoteh, with the fate of the over D2M euros in mystery.


Follow the full interview on the Mayors’ Podium next Thursday.

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