Gambian-born UK nurse plans to invest in education, health


By Amadou M Jadama Faith Cole, a Gambian nurse based in the United Kingdom, has unveiled plans to invest heavily in education and health. Cole said she will meet with President Barrow soon to discuss the plans. She was speaking on Tuesday evening at the Banjul International Airport on her arrival from United Kingdom. Madame Cole said she will encourage other investors to come and invest in The Gambia. “The Gambia is a country of peace, tranquility and democracy. I was supposed to come last year but because of the trouble, I decided to stay away.  I want to meet with president because I feel that I am an asset for the Gambia. So therefore, I’d love to seek advice from him. “I have a wealth of knowledge and experience and I wanted to be part of the development and advancement of the Gambia. “I am looking at the areas of development which I want to contribute to children’s education and health to save the life of the Gambian people because a healthy nation is a wealthy nation “The Gambia gave me free education and it is because of my education that I have achieved my wealth. So I decided that I must give back to my country,” she said. Madam Cole has been a regular donor fin many causes.   “In 2003 I donated 130 thousand pounds to refurbish EFSTH.”]]>