Gambian woman shot dead, shooter claims gun went off accidentally

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A correction officer has been charged after a woman believed to be a Gambian was fatally shot inside a Bronx apartment building in the United States recently.
The officer claims his gun went off accidentally.
The single gunshot woke up people who live in the building on Ogden Avenue around 10:30pm Wednesday.
Police arrived to find 35-year-old Marie Faye dead on the scene, and 42-year-old correction officer Alain Samba, with a gun.

Samba, of Ogden Avenue, claims his weapon went off accidentally. A source tells PIX11 the correction officer said he was cleaning the gun when it fired. Samba is charged with criminally negligent homicide.
Building Superintendent Jose Perez told PIX11 News he was shocked to hear that Faye, who was a nurse, would ever be near a gun.

“She smiled all the time. I could not say one negative thing about her,” Perez said. “She was a fantastic person. Her career as a nurse was taking off. I can’t believe this happened.”

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