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By Baba Sillah

The two former presidents of The Gambia Sir Dawda Jawara and Yahya Jammeh traded property between themselves at the tune of US$650,000 dollars, the Commission of Inquiry into Jammeh’s financial dealings and assets heard yesterday.

The property is located at 34 Wellington Street and is among a list of 24 properties discovered by investigators belonging to Yahya Jammeh in Banjul and its immediate environs.
A senior police investigator Assistant Superintendent Delo Baldeh appeared along with the directors of lands and survey, physical planning, Gambia Tourism Board, the permanent secretary, ministry of lands and the registrar general, ministry of justice to make a power-point presentation explaining the procedures, locations and prices of the properties acquired by the former president. They revealed that the total number of properties owned by Jammeh in Banjul and immediate environs initially totaled 24; however according to ASP Delo Baldeh, four more properties were recently discovered making it a total of 28.

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ASP Baldeh went on to give a detailed description of the properties beginning with a property at 17A Hagan Street which cost D2.5 million as well as 78A and 78B Hagan Street which he still owes with an outstanding balance.

Baldeh further said another property at 26 Buckle Street is owned by Jammeh but the investigators have not got the title deed or the transfer but the property was owned by Ebrima A Samba while another property at 13 Picton Street was owned by one Mr Jones which Jammeh bought at the tune D4, 000, 000.
Further revealing the properties, ASP Baldeh said a property at 15 Dobson Street was an empty compound sold by the Ndow Family to the tune of D3, 000, 000 while another property at 11 Russell Street was occupied by Salieu Nyassi of KGI.

Hamza Barracks formerly Palm Groove Hotel was sold to the former president by Edward Raphael Jansz and Carol Anne Jansz at the sum of £500, 000 which is occupied by soldiers.
Police ASP Delo Baldeh explained that the Banjul Aqua Culture Farm (Saro Garden) was owned by one Ebrima Jatta and Omar Jatta and it measured 30.75 hectares and was acquired by Jammeh.
Still testifying, Baldeh revealed that that the former president also owned a property at 73A Leman Street but investigators have not got the title but they have got a sketch plan of the property.
He also presented that there was another property at 64 Leman Street which was sold to Jammeh at the tune of D3.4million by the Cham family.

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The commission heard that Jengs Electrical Company, a lease property also belongs to Jammeh which he purchased at the sum of D900, 000.
He also bought another property at 2 Fitzgerald Street in 2010 through the registrar general of the High Court at the sum of D2million dalasi.
A property at 3 Hagan Street, was occupied by one Fatoumatta Jammeh and was sold by the High Court to Kanilai Family Farm.

I am working on verifying a property at 75 Hagan Street owned by the former president, ASP Baldeh said.
He further disclosed that a property at 57A Hagan Street was occupied by Ya Lison Ndong and one Assan Joof but it was sold by Yasin Joof to Kanilai Family Farm at the sum of D900, 000 while another property at 78B Hagan Street was also sold to Jammeh in 2005.

It was also revealed that Jammeh owned 49A Grant Street which belonged to Kanilai Family Farm.
Number 25 Fitzgerald undeveloped, 9 Leman Street sold to the KFF at D1.2 million, undeveloped,18 Picton Street, 61 Hagan Street s bought at D1.5 million, 60 Hagan Street occupied by soldiers bought at D1.5 million ,72 Gloucester Street, acquired by Kanilai Family Farms ,6 Independence Drive, formerly owned by Gambia Electrical Company and 13 Grand Street bought at D21.5 million which was owned by Julia Ceesay.
Documents relating to the properties were admitted in evidence.
Meanwhile Investigators are still searching more properties of the former President Jammeh in other parts of the country according to ASP Baldeh.
Sittings continue.

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