Gambians have generally reacted with disappointment to the national team’s loss to Benin in the first gallop to reach CAN2109 in Cameroun last night.

The team conceded to an early second half goal by the host and had to rely on heroic saves of Goalkeeper Modou Jobe to keep the score respectful. Benin is considered to be the weakest opposition in group that also include Algeria and Togo.

Not surprising the football loving population went up in arms mourning what they say is the continues doom in Gambian football.


Saihou Jeng: SangNdong Out
I challenge #PeterGomez and his fellow pundits to come on board… If Paul Putt and others, who did fat better, can be axed out by just the word of mouth, how about Mr. Ndong…
Toplick King: Very shart country are going top and we are going down always and our entire Gambians like football too much truly there is a solution towards this pls let search it correctly BCos we can play football let see pls

Sang Mendy: After watching the Scorpions for over 20 years and knowing how little we invest in football, I conclude we will continue to wait for that AFCON debut.
It will certainly not come anytime now.

Maybe in the next 11 years if we invest in the sport and plan well for further competitions.
Gibril Sanneh:  Modou Jobe was just so spectacular with those world class saves! hard luck…Sang need to go back to the drawing board.

Campo Jabbie: Sang need to be sacked .I personally don’t see his capability since he took over the team. is philosophy towards the mentality of the players always lacking, If u look at his statistics since he took over team, is horrible. The fact is that, they realy need adjustment to lift the team to wining ways if not we will always be hoping without gaining results in football.

Anonymous: Another million Gambian dalasi spent in vain!
Go back to grassroots and youths development, your way is not working, can you see it!