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Gambia’s security in good hands—Interior Minister

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By Omar Bah

The Minister of Interior has reiterated that the country’s security is in very safe hands.
Speaking to journalists at his office shortly after meeting with the ECOWAS president who was in the country on a state visit, Mai Fatty said Gambia is all but grateful to the sub regional bloc for the support they have rendered the country, especially in the areas of security.

“I am also glad to say that, when it comes to security, the country is in good hands. The security is in good hands now. The Inspector General of Police and the police command are doing great work now,” he said.
He said though the country is not totally out of the woods yet, “but we are confident of our sovereignty.”

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Adding: “The president’s directive to keep every Gambian safe is also taking place. I am also glad to inform you that, there is maximum collaboration between all the security apparatuses in the country and the Ecomig forces.”
This, he said is very reassuring for the country’s peace and stability.

“So, the ECOWAS president and I, have shared ideas on some of those trends and we also talked about the Gambia’s obligation on some of these treaties, particularly with regards to immigration, our nationals and other nationals who are here,” he said.

He said the ECOWAS president has also promised to continue supporting the country.
“Interior forces will be involved in helping to capacitise the Gambia Police Force and we will continue on those trends,” he concluded.

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