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Gambia’s transition on course – ECOWAS

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By Omar Bah

The ambassador of the Economic Community of West African States to The Gambia, Vabah Gayflor, has said that the political transition of the Barrow led-administration, which is being supported by the regional economic bloc, is on course.

She said although the country is currently faced with series of challenges including slow economic growth and various security challenges, its future looks bright under the guidance of the Coalition Government.
“After 22 years of dictatorial rule, you will understand that a lot remains to be done but something is being done… The transition is on course…,” the Liberian national told The Standard yesterday.

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The ECOWAS ambassador said they are supporting the security reforms agenda of the country through the national security adviser Momodou Badgie, a former general and a diplomat.
Gambia government has expressed desire to reform the country’s army, some key members of which were used by the former ruler to terrorize the population.

“We are working very closely with the office of the national security adviser who is leading the process on behalf of the Government. The committee is being chaired by the vice president. There is a senior security and defense adviser here sent in by ECOWAS working closely with the national security adviser,” Gayflor said.

She said there are plans to bring trainers from ECOWAS for various security agencies to see how they work with them, “But the reforms agenda for all sectors can only be identified and led by Gambia.” “There has to be that national ownership,” she said.

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Haruna Jatta’s death
Though Gayflor was not in the country when the incident occurred, she nevertheless said it “is regretted”.
She said they have plans to reach out to communities in Foni especially Kanilai.
“We have plans to go to Kanilai after Ramadan…to engage the community. Because how these communities have moved on is encouraging. We are here to support a peace process during the transition and we know that the Gambia is poised to move forward,” she said.
Ambassador Vabah Gayflor was in attendance of the regional health experts meeting ahead of the minister’s meeting on Friday.

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