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GAP leader warns against violence over 3 years Jotna

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By Momodou Torp

The leader of The Gambia Action Party, Musa Yalli Batchilly has said Gambians should avoid taking to the streets or causing violence in the name of demonstrations and use what he calls ‘our nuclear weapon’, the voters cards to exercise their rights and move on.

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Mr. Batchilly was talking to The Standard in an interview at Paradise Suites hotel yesterday on the sidelines of a seminar on inclusive and accountable politics for political parties and CSOs.

He said his concern is not 3 years or 5 years Jotna, adding that what is important is for us to avoid any thing that will disturb the peace.

The GAP leader said President Adama Barrow is the one who said he will step down after three years, and if he now failed that promise and decided to go five, then no one should quarrel with him.

“What we need to do is to wait for him at the election,” he said.

According to Batchilly, The Gambia is a blessed country with resources which can be used to transform the nation in to a well developed one but this can be done only if the citizens are action oriented.

“We should believe in ourselves, as Gambians and be responsible to put this country in the limelight through unity, sincerity,” he noted.

The GAP leader again repeated his call for President Adama Barrow to sit with the stakeholders and solve the issues threatening peace.

“However let’s not put our anger in the streets. Rather let’s put our anger in the ballot box, for the sake of the country,” he noted.

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