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GDC advises Barrow about political ‘sycophants’ encircling him

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By Saidou Baldeh

The GDC national women’s mobiliser has advised President Barrow to be wary of ‘political sycophants’ who are giving him the impression that he will win the December election.

The vocal opposition women leader further advised Barrow to take stock and find ways of gauging his popularity rather that relying on political opportunists seeking money and recognition.

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Addressing the recent reports of a massive defection from the GDC orchestrated by Dr Demba Sabally, Remeh Jagne said it is very cheap for Barrow to swallow such propaganda.

“He should first study and reflect on the unkind comments Dr Sabally made against him, a few months ago and be his own judge.

“He should ask himself why did Sabally suddenly change from being a staunchest critic to supporter because one cannot love and hate at the same time. Those who are claiming to have left the GDC, UDP and other parties to the NPP are looking for money as their only job is to cash in as much as possible while the political season lasts. They are there for the money, when he loses the next election, they will abandon him,” Jagne warned.

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“He should know that those making noise on social media and political rallies don’t matter in elections and that elections in this country are always decided by the silent voters.”  

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