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GDC blasts ‘ill-advised’ gov’t as gun importation controversy rages on

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The Gambia Democratic Congress has joined other enraged Gambians to condemn the decision by government granting an importation license for guns in The Gambia, calling it an ‘ill-advised’ decision.
“…At a time when our national security is still very porous with the so-called national security reforms being implemented at a snail’s pace, the government of The Gambia made an ill-advised decision to grant a guns importation license to Gach Security Company,” the party said in a press release.

It said “while the GDC is cognisant of the fact that the government is empowered by the Arms and Ammunition Act to grant licenses for the importation of hunting guns, the timing of the license issued to Gach Security Company leaves much to be desired.
“It is no secret that the continuous presence of peace keeping soldiers in our country is a clear testimony to the fact that the state of our national security is still far from what the majority of Gambians would desire.

“It is the contention of the GDC therefore, that in these trying and uncertain times in our country, The Gambia government should have exercised more caution in dealing with the application by the Gach Security Company for guns importation license.”
The party said it is their strong belief that the time for the issuing of license is not now – at a time when Gambians are busy trying to rebuild their country.
“…[Now is the time for] the issuance of food production, packaging, processing and importation licenses for food security. The Gambian people need affordable food items and commodities for survival and not guns.

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“Now is not the time to make it easy for anybody to be able to secure a fire arm but to make it easy for the teaming number of unemployed youths to find descent jobs that would enable them contribute effectively to the socio-economic development of The Gambia.
“While we extend our sincere appreciation to our gallant security officers for intercepting the container carrying the guns at our sea port, we would also want to make it known that, had the Gambia government acted more responsible, this situation with its attendant controversy would not have arisen in the first place,” it chastised.

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