GDC endorses Bensouda


The Gambia Democratic Congress GDC yesterday issued a statement endorsing UDP’s Talib Bensouda in the next month’s mayoral election.

Mr Bensouda is seeking a second term and will be filling his nomination papers on Monday.

In its statement shared with The Standard the party said: “The GDC wishes to inform the public particularly our supporters and sympathisers that it has endorsed Talib Ahmed Bensouda’s candidature in next month’s mayoral election in the KM.


We have carefully considered the qualities and experience needed for a leader to effectively govern KM and Talib being the youngest mayor in the history of the council, has achieved unprecedented developments directly impacting the daily lives and struggles of the people of KM. It is therefore, the conviction of our party that we throw our weight behind him for the 20 May election. This, we believe, works in line with our party’s call for support of youths that are development-oriented like Mayor Bensouda.”

The GDC said its decision is taken in good faith and for national interest as well as to empower young people.

“The GDC believes that endorsing Mayor Talib Bensouda will play a crucial role in his crusade for another term in office. As one of the biggest stakeholders in Gambian politics GDC promotes and recognises the need to focus on priorities by measuring what works and what doesn’t and rapidly scale up to successes by doing what is right for the people of KM. Yes, we are aware that mayor Bensouda did not execute all his wishes in his first term but we are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that he is a visionary leader who has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to improving the lives and livelihoods of the citizens and residents of KM with a proven track record of success in his first term in the council,” the party said.

The party urged all its supporters and friends to cast their votes for Talib Bensouda.

“Together with Mayor Bensouda, the GDC is hopeful, we can build a brighter future for the KM and ensure that it remains a place where citizens particularly the youth and women can thrive and prosper,” it added.