Whistleblower concerned over plight of ex-APRC NAMs


A prominent APRC militant and political activist in Foni calling himself a social justice whistle blower has said President Barrow should consider the plight of the five former APRC NAMs who are still jobless for 15 months after losing their seats.

The five were rejected by their electorate after they chose to stay with the APRC faction led by Fabakary Tombong Jatta, much to the annoyance of the majority of the Foni people who supports the rival No To Alliance faction.

According the Foni activist who walked into the offices of The Standard to talk about the plight of the former NAMs he was raising the issue on his own accord: “Let me make it clear that none of the former NAMs sent me to come here on their behalf. I just came on my own accord to seek justice for them. They do not deserve to be snubbed after sacrificing their jobs and even family relations by choosing to stick with the APRC in support of President Barrow,” he said.


 The activist said if the former NAMs had stayed with the choice of their electorate they would have won a second term which is now very lucrative and ends with a good pension. “They forgo all that to support APRC and President Barrow. It is therefore, unimaginable that more than one year after the elections they are still not employed. Curiously, all the former NPP NAMs who failed in their bid for reelection have all been appointed. Why not the former APRC NAMs?,” he said.

Last year President Barrow in a rally in Foni said the former NAMs should exercise patient as they would be considered. But the waiting is getting too long for these people since most them have families to feed and other responsibilities. The president should consider them,” our source said.

The Standard contacted two of the former NAMs who declined to comment on the representation made on their behalf.