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GDC not affected by recent resignations – PRO

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By Omar Bah

Mambanyick Njie, the spokesman of the Gambia Democratic Congress has said that all the four recent resignations from the GDC will not affect the party because only one of them was an executive member.
Speaking to The Standard Njie said only Abdoulie Cham was an executive member of the GDC and the rest who quit with him are supporters at constituency level.
“These are people that we have no control over because they can be here today and tomorrow they are somewhere else,” Njie said.

Abdoulie Cham, head of research, strategy and policy, Ali Nget defeated parliamentary candidate Old Yundum Constituency, Rina Mendy women mobiliser, Samba Nget Old Yundum Constituency Chairman, Modou Sowe Chairman, Kunkujang Village, and Abdoulie Cham Chairman Nema Kunku village all announced their resignation from GDC alleging that they are not happy with the way things are being done in the party.

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