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GDC takes issues with GRTS

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The opposition Gambia Democratic Congress has yesterday issued a statement accusing the Gambia Radio & Television Services of not covering opposition party rallies.

The statement issued by youth Mobiliser Modou Cham alleged that when GDC leader Mamma Kandeh returned from his European tour and organized a rally at the Buffer Zone, GRTS was invited to cover but a senior official told them that GRTS doesn’t cover political rallies at this moment because they don’t interfere into politics.

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“But to our disappointment GRTS was at the UDP rally in Banjulinding and the rally was aired. This is not fair at all,” Mr Cham complained in the statement.

He said GRTS knows that the country is now democratic unlike the time of dictator Jammeh when the national television was used to show only the APRC programmes or himself.

Cham said the GRTS management must explain why and they must apologize to all other parties or will be reported to the regulatory body, PURA.

“The GDC is a Gambian own party just like the UDP and all other parties and must therefore be treated equally like other parties,” he said.

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