GDC ward councillor defects to NPP

GDC ward councillor defects to NPP

The National People’s Party deputy spokesperson Seedy Njie has announced that the Gambia Democratic Congress councilor for Nyanga Bantang Ward, Wassu, has defected to Barrow’s NPP.

“Wally Ndimbalan, the elected ward councillor for Nyanga Bantang Ward under the ticket of GDC defected to President Adama Barrow’s National People’s Party (NPP),” Njie said in a writeup shared with The Standard.

GDC fights back


However, the GDC youth president Modou ‘MC’ Cham has also shared a writeup with this medium claiming that at least 300 NPP supporters defected to the GDC in CRR.

“Another successful weekend for the GDC party following a huge defection from the NPP to the party at Jallow Kunda village in Niani Constituency. Over 300 people ditched the failed president’s party to join the solution provider party under the auspicious leadership of Mamma Kandeh,” MC Cham said.

He said defectors expressed their disappointment over the government’s lack of direction.