APRC man who accused Rambo of bribery reports to police

APRC man who accused Rambo of bribery reports to police

By Omar Bah

Alagie Sanyang, a resident of Lamin and supporter of the APRC who accused deputy party leader Ousman ‘Rambo’ Jatta of inducement and bribery, has confirmed that he reported to the police headquarters in Banjul yesterday.

Sanyang, who is a leading voice in the APRC splinter group that is against the party executive’s plan to form an alliance with National People’s Party, alleged that Jatta gave him money to “destroy” and cause reputational damage to former Interior minister MA Bah, who is a strident critic of Mr Jatta’s executive.


After Sanyang released an exposé video on Tuesday, Mr Jatta drove to Banjul to file a police case against him. Mr Sanyang was then summoned by the police for questioning yesterday.

After leaving the police headquarters yesterday, Mr Sanyang released a new video to give an update: “I went to the police today together with Rambo Jatta to give our statements. The police have done their investigation and collected all the evidence they needed from me,” Sanyang said.

He added after interrogating him, the police told him to go because they had no reason to detain him.

“They told me they will continue their investigation and if Rambo intends to pursue the case I will be notified,” he said.

“I have not done anything wrong. My only crime is saying what I said as it happened and that is why I was invited to the police. I am ready to go to jail for the sake of APRC and Jammeh,” Sanyang added.