GFF explains state of unpaid former staff’s social security


Janneh said they have had meetings with the lawyer of the Social Security, Badou Conteh, and are negotiating a payment plan which would be in place to offset the unpaid arrears. He said his finance department has furnished the SSHFC with the right figures recently.

‘Since we took office last year, we have been negotiating, and in fact, paid part of some of the arrears still in the name of the GFA,” he said,

Janneh’s clarifications came when it was reported that Social Security has taken up the unpaid contributions of the GFA staff to the industrial tribunal.


Over 34  employees of the GFA were retrenched by the then Normalisation Committee who said their continued presence on the pay roll, with unspecified work, and after not being paid for months did not make sense. The new GFF leadership has promised it will look into their payments and other claims, with a view of settling them in the very near future.