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GFF forms procurement committee for women’s football

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Following the disbursement of the Fifa Covid-19 Relief Support Fund to the football family including the women football sector, the Gambia Football Federation has constituted a Special Committee (Procurement) for the purchase of kits and equipment for all Women League Clubs (1st and 2nd Div) and Regional women football Clubs respectively.

The Committee was inaugurated at Football House recently presided over by GFF President Lamin Kaba Bajo who said the primary objective of the Committee is to purchase kits and football equipment for Women’s football in conformity with procurement standards. “We know that one of the fundamental areas for improvement in developing women’s football is kits and equipment and this why I really need to see that both 1st, 2nd Divisional and the Regional teams are well equipped with football materials”, Bajo noted. The Special Committee is headed by GFF Exco Member Mr Sadibou Kamaso who also congratulated and thanked the appointed members for their deserved inclusion into the “Special Committee”. Mr Kamaso noted that the GFF has absolute trust and confidence by bringing Women’s football family together in this committee for transparency purposes. “The GFF will not impose on any women’s football team but rather the clubs will inform the GFF what they need and it will be purchased as requested because the clubs have a better understanding of what they need”. He assured the committee that quality materials would be purchased “that will last longer and can be used effectively for the purpose of accountability”.

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Committee Members

  1. Mr Sadibou Kamaso
  2. Mr Abdoukarim Sey
  3. Mr Sang Ndong
  4. Ms Sainabou Cham
  5. Mr Ebrima Ceesay
  6. Mr Desamba Mbenga
  7. Mrs Sainey Sissohore M’Boge 8. Mr Ousman Drammeh
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