The Gambia Football Federation issued a statement Monday to say it has not sanctioned or permitted a planned lunch with the national U-20 team being advertised on social media by a certain group and warned that corporate organisations must not commercially cash on the recent success of the national teams.

The statement did not mention any name but The Standard confirmed the promo was issued on behalf of Coco Ocean hotel by their partners Africell and the event was planned for this Sunday April 4 at the hotel.

Though the GFF maintained they only knew about it on social media, Mr. Ramga, a member of the Coco Ocean Hotel management said they have written to Football House about it but they have not replied and nothing was concluded yet. “However, and unfortunately, as we await the GFF’s reply, our partners at Africell flashed a promo on social media. Our intention is actually to do something in appreciation of the Under -20 team by inviting them to a special atmosphere where they can relax and eat at our regular weekly Buffet that is done on Sundays.  We have a regular buffet on Sundays anyway and that is where we desire to invite the team to enjoy as our appreciation,” Mr. Ramga said.  He explained that the hotel regularly initiates ideas about programmes which it shares with its partners, among them Africell, to make it work very well. Asked if the hotel will still keep the offer once the misunderstanding is cleared with the GFF, Mr. Ramga said: “Certainly the offer is still there and we may even do something for the national team too. Our intention is very clear and based on a goodwill gesture to return gratitude and inspire others to appreciate not just our football teams but sport in general.”