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Giants size up for weekend fireworks at SK West


After a cracking Super Cup final which Tigers won on penalties against Kanifing United, fans at Serekunda West continue to be entertained with thrillers as the season gets under way. Todays’ fixture features Blackpool, a Talingding team against Ngoyan who come from Bartez in Serekunda in Group E. 

Already Kaw Tally had beaten Ajax 2-0 in this group to take the first three points. Both teams are keen to press the pedals to stay in touching distance with group leaders Kaw Tally. All the opening matches have been rather lacklustre with most ending in draws as teams refused to come out from their turf ends to avoid being caught off-guard. However, there were some fireworks indicating a tough season this year.

LK Youths, Anfield and Kanifing United and Tababi are the only teams that have recorded victories so far in the first week of proceedings.

On Saturday, Latrikunda takes on Sticklers. As we went to press yesterday, August Town and Jaringtons were sweating it out in the opening match of Group F.


Full latest results

Uprising 0-1 L/K Youths 

Sankum 0-0 New Jeshwang 

Napoli 0-1 Kanifing Utd 

Tigers 0-1 Anfield 

Old Jeshwang 0-0 Happapa 

 RLG 0-0  Unicorns 

Tababi 2-0 Koko Academy  

Campbell Town 00- Harlem 

Ajax 0-2 Kawtally


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