Glorious Njie Model


My name is Glorious Njie. I am 22 and born on 1 March 1995. I am a Gambian, Christian and Aku. I am the first child of my parents but they divorced when I was 7 so I was bought up by a single parent, my mum. I live at Fajara with my mother and little sister. I attended Ndow’s Comprehensive from day care to junior school and then went to WAIS (West African International School) were I completed my secondary education. I am currently doing a diploma in Business Administration at Task Crown, and I am also a high fashion runway model. I have been in the industry for over five years and I have participated in beauty pageants such as the Miss July 22nd Scholarship Pageant (1st runner-up for KMC), Miss Bakau (won and got the Miss Personality title), Miss Tourism Gambia (4th position), Queen of Companies (3rd runner-up and Miss Elegant), Miss Salone, and a lot of fashion shows like Fashion Weekend Gambia. My dream is not only to be an international model but also to develop the modeling industry in The Gambia and create opportunities for other models to exhibit their innate potentials. I will be contesting in the Miss West Coast International Contest on February 24 presented by bima Entertainment.