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Mariatou Jallow Aspiring journalism student

Mariatou Jallow Aspiring journalism student

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Mariatou Introducing

Age: 19

Status: Single

From: The Gambia

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Star Sign: Libra

Languages: Fula, Wolof, English and

intermediate Mandinka

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Pet or nickname: Mari

Work: Student

Course: Graphic design

Why study graphic design: Because I have the passion for it and believe I can do it. I know it forms part of journalism and that’s what I hopefully intend

to study later.

Favourite colour: Black

But you are wearing all white now? (Laughs)

Favourite dish: Superkanja

Favourite pastime: Taking a stroll with friends

Favourite politician: Dr Ismaila Ceesay

Favourite musician: Celine Dion

Last book read: 101 Words Every High School Graduate Needs To Know

Favourite author: Pablo Coelho

How do you spend your weekends: Always at home and on my laptop

One thing you would like to change: People keep saying that journalists are lying. I want to change that mentality. I want them to know that these people are anything but liars.

Dream: To be a news reporter

Dream holiday: Guinea

View of life: Always follow what you are passionate about in life.

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