GMC demands UDP’s Taal’s apology


The Gambia Moral Congress has slammed a recent comment by United Democratic Party’s spokesperson, Almami Taal and demanded his immediate apology.
GMC described statements against its establishment as reckless.
Almami Taal in a recent interview with Gambian Talent Promotion claimed that the GMC is a one-man party and asked who else was in the party aside from Mai Fatty.
But in a statement on Friday, the GMC said Taal’s statements are ‘highly audacious, irresponsible, reckless and corrosive.’

The full statement is reproduced as follows:
“GMC National Executive is extremely concerned under the rare circumstances, to respond to the impudent comments of the UDP Spokesperson. Almami Fanding Taal, officially speaking on behalf of the Leadership of the UDP in an interview with Gambia Talents TV online, and posted in the web on the 24th April 2019, characterized GMC in the worst pejorative of terms.

It would have been different if Mr. Taal had clearly distinguished his utterances as his own personal position, and not that of the UDP, on whose behalf he derives the unfettered authority to speak to the media on his Party’s position.


The highly audacious, irresponsible, reckless and corrosive statements made against GMC by UDP Spokesman are generally interpreted to represent the official attitude of the UDP leadership towards the GMC and its leadership. Considering that GMC had always treated the UDP as a veritable political ally, this latest arrogant verbal onslaught, without any provocation, is intended to sever that notion, to attract extensive public odium against our Party as well as rubbish the great sacrifice and contribution of both our Party and leadership towards the political evolution of our country. Indeed, the records would prove the intrepid support and solidarity GMC had always granted to the UDP at its hours of need more than any other political Party in the country.

It is unfortunate that this loyalty and support was misplaced. While UDP media continuous it’s relentless misinformation campaign against the GMC leadership, our Party continues to prevail over our membership to shun such divisive propensity and not to respond to such desperate provocation. On this occasion though, enough is enough! Mr. Taal is fond of making uneducated and uninformed statements against allies or potential allies of the UDP, without sanction.

GMC strongly condemns the reckless comments, which only serves to further divide and set our particular peoples against each other.
GMC demands an unconditional public apology and a demands an immediate end to the relentless unprovoked, targeted, organized smear campaign.”