‘GMC is out to restore morality in Gambian politics’


By Tabora Bojang

The founder and newly elected leader of the Gambia Moral Congress has said that by their behavior, some politicians over the past 50 years have given politics a terrible name and that the GMC has come to bring morality back into Gambian politics.



Mai Ahmad Fatty was speaking at the recent two-day delegates’ congress of the party at the Friendship Hostel where the party elected a new executive.
“When you restore morality back into politics, you develop a nation of morals. That is the reason why the Gambia Moral Congress was created. We are not saying that we want to create a perfect society.


We are not saying that we want to build a society where morality is going to be the guiding principle in everything we do because that is impossible. What we seek to achieve as a political party is to bring the discourse of morality at the heart of the political conversation so that morality will influence political decisions, influence our policies and it will inculcate our national psychic,” Fatty said.

He said when they succeed in bringing morality at the heart of the political debate, they would be able to practice politics with morality and all the negative vices that are associated with politics would be gone or substantially mitigated.

According to Fatty who until recently was the Minister of the Interior, the GMC as a coalition member will endeavor to strengthen government’s efforts toward national development and support the President’s program, saying “the National Development Programme is also our programme” and when the government stands for national efforts, they will find us as the best partners in the coalition government. And we will remain loyal to the coalition and hope that the coalition remains loyal to us. This dual loyalty is the only condition of our continuity in the coalition.”

He said as Gambians we can always dialogue and can always sit around the table and come to a common position. “We will build alliances in the national interest and we will go to any length to make sure that the fundamental rights of Gambians are respected and I have no doubts that this government will do that. We will make sure that the right to peaceful protest is enforced in accordance with the law, in an orderly and legitimate manner,” he stated.

Fatty congratulated the new executive team and urged them to give their best to make GMC not only the strongest but the biggest political party that will consolidate democracy in The Gambia.