Governor Khan: CRR can feed entire Gambia


Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Standard in the Island town of Janjangbureh, the governor said: “I am sure in the next two years, The Gambia should be self-sufficient in rice production rather than us importing rice from abroad.  I am highly optimistic that that vision 2016 will succeed. My plans are just as the president said during his last dialogue with the people tour: to ensure that Vision 2016 succeeds. That will be my preoccupation in CRR.  I will be touring CRR to talk to people about this Vision 2016 and chart the way forward for the region.

 “Vision 2016 is attainable, recently I had the opportunity to visit one of President Jammeh’s farms called ‘Vision 2016 Lot 1 and Lot 2016 2 at Jahally. The other is a 25 hectares and other a vast land and once cleared it can be measure up to 2,000 hectares. When planted, the yield will be more than [what] CRR rice], [it will be for] for the entire country.”

Governor Khan maintained that he nurtures no worries about the potential paucity of the wherewithal to accomplish the project.


“The president has said that he will provide all the machineries to ensure that Vision 2016 succeeds. If you go to the president’s farm, all these machineries are there and not only his farms but other areas of the region. If you go to Nianija, there are some machines clearing the area in preparation for 2016.  From Nianija and Jahally I will be going to Niamina Dankunku and other areas. Once these areas are planted, we will have enough rice to feed ourselves. I am sure in the next two years, The Gambia should be self-sufficient in rice rather than us importing rice.  I am highly optimistic that Vision 2016 will succeed,” he added.

While thanking President Jammeh for his latest appointment to the gubernatorial office, he issued warning to the opposition of major losses that awaits them in the next elections. 

“To say that the majority of region’s populace is opposition is now a wrong statement. APRC has a strong base in CRR and come 2016 election, there will be a landslide victory for the ruling party.  With the advent of the July 22nd Revolution 20 years ago, Gambians have seen what APRC and President Jammeh’s  government have done for them both in terms of infrastructure, education, health and agriculture. These developments are there for people to see for themselves. That is why a lot of people are moving away from the opposition to the ruling party. As I said earlier on, come 2016 all those areas that have been opposition strongholds in CRR will go back to APRC party.  APRC is a party to be reckoned with; a party for the people, by the people and for the people. “


By Sainey Marenah