Gov’t urged to stop illegal sand mining in Gunjur


By Amadou Jadama

The Association of Concern Youths of Gunjur has expressed concern over illegal sand mining in the village and further called on the Gambia government to make a stop to it.

This disclosure was made during a press briefing held in Gunjur.


Speaking to the journalists, Fabai Janneh, press secretary of the Association, explained that the purpose of the press briefing is to send a message to the government over illegal sand mining happening in their area, adding that if government fails to take any step against it, it can cause disaster in future.

“If you look at the road linking from the village to the beach, is totally damaged by the sand mining, so as a result of that, this concern youth association has to take it upon themselves to address the situation,” he said.

“We also appeal to the government to use those wastes at the Bakoteh dumping site to fill those sand mining areas to see what benefit the community would gain from it.”

He added that crocodiles live in some of the sand mining areas, which is not even safe for their children.

“We conducted some visibility to some mining areas, but the way and manner it has been conducted here is totally different,” he noted.

Abdou Bojang, also a member of the association, expressed similar comments, saying that the damages are too much, and it is not good for the area. He said they have been struggling over six years to protect the area, but still they find it difficult.