‘This gov’t could be worse than Jammeh’s’


By Omar Bah

A former APRC vanguard and presidential aspirant Omar Beyai has said that the Barrow-led government could be worse than Jammeh’s 22-year rule if they don’t drop the former president’s flamboyant lifestyle.
Speaking to The Standard, Beyai said members of the new government are doing exactly what they condemned Jammeh of doing in the last two decades.



“The country has changed but frankly if nothing is done the new leaders could be worse than Jammeh. Since they took power all they are doing is driving big cars and they claim Jammeh was living an extravagant life. So why don’t they sell his expensive cars and buy cheaper ones?” he quizzed.


He also observed that “while it has become fashionable today for anyone to say Jammeh has embezzled money, no one is saying how much is remaining and how they are spending the money given to them.”
Beyai who said he is working on registering a political party to be called All Peoples Party also told The Standard that the Coalition government campaigned vigorously on the promise of reforming the electoral laws introduced by former President Jammeh but have so far not done anything on that front.


“Yes, I know they have a lot of issues to confront with, but that should not be an excuse. Gambians need politicians like me to seriously scrutinize the government to ensure that they live up to expectations and you cannot get such politicians when the laws are not reformed to allow a level playing field,” Beyai said.