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GPPA reveals massive non-compliant procurements at Basse Area Council

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By Aminata Kuyateh

Ebrima Sanyang, the director of procurement policy and operations at the Gambia Public Procurement Authority, has said Basse Area Council awarded contracts amounting to three hundred and thirteen thousand sixty dalasis to suppliers that did not register with GPPA, a former chairman Foday Danjo himself among them. Sanyang alleged that Danjo received eighteen thousand dalasis for a catering service.

The witness, who was testifying yesterday at the Local Government Commission, was discussing the 2021 GPPA compliance report of Basse Area Council.

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He further revealed that other contracts awarded to non- GPPA registered suppliers include Muhammad Mamud D50,000 for the supply of detergent, Shiloh Enterprise D113,000 for office equipment, and Muhammed H Jallow D79,260 for borehole materials.

Director Sanyang said awarding contracts to non-registered suppliers with GPPA is a potential loss of revenue to the government, in particular the Authority.

He said Section 24 of the GPPA Act requires all suppliers to register with GPPA emphasising that it is illegal to do business with a supplier that is not registered and called on the Basse Area Council to ensure that all contracts be awarded to suppliers registered with GPPA.

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He further said that it is mandatory for the Basse Area Council to do pre-qualification of suppliers as required by section 23 of the GPPA Act to assist in arriving at the list of registered or approved suppliers from whom to solicit quotations

The witness said without this there could be biases in the identification of prospective suppliers and eligible suppliers may always be excluded in the procurement process, which compromises the objective of the GPPA Act.

The witness further disclosed that the Basse Area Council failed to establish inspection and acceptance committees and the council does not do a review of supplier performance to inform future improvements of the suppliers on completion of their deliveries as required by the regulations.  He said there are no contract documents in place especially for the procurement of fuel.


Sanyang said the contracts may not be performed in accordance with all the terms and conditions and relevant information regarding the contract could be missing. “A weak contract administration is an invitation to corrupt practices because measurement and control of performance could be hindered, thus giving room for more risks and deviation from the original contract,” Sanyang said.

The witness said council should enhance the management and administration of procurement contracts as provided for in the Act and Regulations.

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