GRA launches taxpayers’ charter


By Awa Macalo

The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) yesterday launched its Taxpayers’ Charter aimed at making the institution a leading revenue administration in Africa.

 The charter defines the rights and obligations of taxpayers as defined by the GRA Act 2004 (amended in 2010), the income and VAT Act (2012), the Customs and Excise Act (2010) and other revenue laws administered by the authority.


It also specifies the authority’s commitment to providing services to the taxpayers and bringing in transparency within the tax service, promoting tax compliance and, by default, more revenue for the government to use in the implementation of its development program.

The Commissioner General at GRA, Yankuba Darboe, noted that tax administration is working in a difficult climate by asking people and businesses to part with their hard-earned money by paying taxes. “This situation has been further worsened by the continuing negative impacts of Covid-19 and most recently the Ukraine war all of which are contributing to higher costs on both the business community and the population consuming their product and services,” he said.