GRTS gets new transmitters


The Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS) has acquired a new set of transmitters for both radio and television. The director general of GRTS, Mr. Malick Jeng, said the equipment were purchased from a government allocation to the state broadcaster of D36 million which was part of a supplementary allocation approved by the National Assembly on 28th July.   The DG said this important development coming at a time when all GRTS transmitters are operating below half power will enable the national broadcaster to improve its public service delivery to communities.

The DG disclosed that the new equipment will be installed at four of GRTS’ transmitter stations, namely: Abuko, Mansakonko, Bansang and Basse.  

A second consignment of transmitters expected in the near future will replace the equipment at two other stations, Kanilai and Kudang, as well as equip two new stations proposed for Kaur and Kerewan. 


The chairperson of the GRTS Board of Directors, Mrs. Fatou Jagne Senghore said: “As part of the efforts to reposition and transform GRTS into a truly public service broadcaster, it is critical that the institution be fully equipped to cover the whole of The Gambia and provide better services to Gambians.”

The Director General said that in addition to the transmitters, GRTS has been able to purchase television cameras, new pickup vehicles and a mobile studio.

DG Jeng used the opportunity to thank the president, government and the National Assembly, for their support. He also thanked all the staff of GRTS for their hard work and dedication.