GTBoard makes final call for unknown owner of land adjacent to Badala Park


Press release

The Gambia Tourism Board is hereby enquiring about the ownership of a piece of land adjacent to Badala Park Hotel along BB Strip. The said piece of land was one time operating a business called Sindibird nightclub since the time of the National Tourist Office (NTO) after which the land has been abandoned for over 20(twenty) years now.

The Gambia Tourism Board has done everything possible in trying to know the proprietor but all efforts prove futile. A due diligent search has been done at the relevant government institutions but they cannot also get information about the ownership of the said property.


GT Board has done some public announcements via the newspapers enquiring about the ownership of the aforementioned property but nobody came forward to claim ownership.

On that note, we are hereby requesting for any individual/institution who owns this piece of land to come forward to the Gambia Tourism Board to declare ownership. Any individual/institution coming to claim ownership must provide proof of ownership of same, failure of which the claim will not be considered.

The declaration period is two weeks commencing on the 25th April to 8th May, 2023 after which the land will revert back to Gambia Tourism Board as the leaseholder of all lands within the Tourism Development Area.

Given that, we have done so many enquiries in the past to establish the ownership of the said Sindibird, this is the final publication we will do with regards this issue.

Director General

Gambia Tourism Board