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Monday, March 8, 2021

Hail to beauty

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With words worth of dignity, hail to her beauty
Consumed by pride and humility, hail to her beauty
With serene eyes and bright smile
Not flesh and bones of insignificance
A paragon of womanhood
A phantom of delight to those
Who may gaze upon her gleaming sight
To see her potential essence
In the purview of her presence

Hail to her beauty that brightens in tough times
Even as every aspect of her is embroiled with rough times
And as the trace of elements of sacrificial suffering
Gleams on her face
She’s decency of character

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As laughter sits in her eyes
Temptations walk in her
She has a scene of inside within a woman of intuition
I say her to beauty, one that can make a crown on her sleeves
Manipulate people for awakening to their insensibility
She is the height for the world to see

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