By Omar Bah

Dawda Kawsu Jawara, the NAM for Upper Fulladu West has called on Hamat Bah to immediately apologise to Senegal for his latest gaffe about the country at a recent border meeting.
Mr Bah sparked a new controversy with some comments that offended some sections of the Senegalese media, which condemned the remarks.

Speaking as a concerned Gambian to The Standard yesterday, NAM Dawda Jawara said Hamat Bah should publicly apologise to the people of Senegal to remedy the situation.
“His comments on Senegal should be a cause for concern for any genuine Gambian because it is out of place for a minister to directly attack the civilization of another country,” Jawara said.
However Mr Jawara pointed out that Hamat’s comments are his personal opinion and not a reflection of the opinion of government or the people of the Gambia.


“Because every genuine Gambian would distance him/her from such comments,” Jawara said.
He continued: “I could have gone through the normal protocol of the national assembly in trying to address the issue but this is an issue that needs immediate attention. We cannot afford to make enemies in this critical time.”
“Mr Bah should also understand that he is now a minister, as such you cannot talk like a politician on the campaign trail,” Jawara concluded.