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Hamat never actually said Barrow will run for NRP – officials

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By Omar Bah

The Minister of Information and Spokesperson of the Gambia Government have all come out to clarify media reports attributed to Hamat Bah as saying President Adama Barrow will lead the NRP in 2021 at a political rally in Sare Bojo.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with West Coast Radio yesterday, Information Minister Ebrima Sillah said contrary to media reports, Hamat Bah did not categorically state that President Barrow is going to be their candidate in 2021 presidential election.
“What Hamat really meant was that he wishes Barrow could be a candidate for the NRP in the 2021 presidential election. This is how it was said…Unfortunately, when something is said in the local language and translated in English it is lost in translation somewhere,” he added.

He continued: “When I listened to his speech in the local language I realised that he was wishing that this could happen and if other people think that they can reject the president for him he will be happy to welcome the president and make him the NRP’s candidate.”
Also speaking on the matter, government spokesperson, Ebrima Sankareh, who attended the rally said: “I was there myself and we had a big crowd that was uncontrollable at a certain point. And you know Hamat Bah being the politician he can be provocative sometimes. It was just another demonstration of his (Hamat) support to the president in total that come what may, here is a candidate that he supports and would not mind to allow him to lead the NRP. But to suggest President Barrow has agreed in principle. No. I don’t think so,” Sankareh said.

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