Hydara family speaks on disputed Serekunda land


By Omar Bah

The CEO of Hydara Plaza has issued a strong warning to Alieu Momarr Njai and others against instigating violence over the Jobe and Hydara Kunda disputed Serekunda land.

Mr Njai, an elderly resident of Serekunda who is also the chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission, has called for the intervention of the Gambia government to avoid a potential unrest in Serekunda after a supreme court decision considered to have robbed the larger Jobe Kunda family of their land.


The land in question, which is opposite the Serekunda mosque, belonged to one Ali Jobe, [Mr Njai’s maternal grandfather] who was the eldest son of the late Sayerr Jobe, the founder of Serekunda.

According to Mr Njai, the Jobe Kunda family has not accepted the Supreme Court ruling which gave ownership of the land to Mr Hydara.

But in a letter shared with The Standard, the CEO of Hydara Plaza, Sulayman Hydara, said: “I am aware of the statement made by Alieu Momarr Njai through this medium’s issue of 23rd March 2021. I must, with due respect, express my utter disappointment over his comments. I believe as the chairman of the IEC he ought to show iota of respect to the authority of our courts and should not incite or partake in any conduct that would amount to defying the decisions of the courts, particularly that of the Supreme Court … nobody is above the law”.

Hydara said the dispute regarding the ownership of the land has been in the courts for over three decades.

“I have won the case at all levels i.e. in the High Court; Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. It is also important to state that there are no orphans involved in this case and I have no dispute with the people of Serekunda. It is clear from his statement that Mr Njai is trying to incite violence against me. I know he cannot succeed because this case is about a private land and the good people of Serekunda have no interest in it,” he argued.

He said by virtue of his position, Mr Njai should be seen promoting the rule law rather than making threats and inciting breach of peace.

“The Hydara family discourages all forms of violence – therefore we urge Mr Njai to explore the jurisprudence of the courts. We urge him to avoid inciting any form of violence for this country needs peace and tranquility. He should use his influence and try to foster peace and not otherwise,” he said.