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If only the less capable in politics would turn down their volumes a bit more and listen


Deae Editor,

Macky Sall is behaving like the French when they came and imposed colonialism on Senegal and robbed Senegal of its political and economic development resources.

It’s the Senegalese army that should stop Macky from behaving like the French colonialists but the Senegalese army is the most compromised army in Africa. Senegal is still firmly under the political, financial and economic colonialism of France.

Anyone who supports Macky would have supported colonialism when the French came and imposed crimes against humanity in Senegal Macky is exactly the repeat of the French imperialism over Senegal and West Africa.

The Senegalese army is more compromised and useless than the Army in South Africa under apartheid.

Macky Sall represents and is protecting the French political, financial and economic control over Senegal, Guinea Bissau and The Gambia. The Ecowas sub-region continues to be under the political, financial and economic domination of France because of Macky Sall and President Ouattara of Ivory Coast. Only a selfish and ignorant people would support the appalling Macky politics in Senegal.

Politics is not about people saying stupid things: politics is evidence-based arguments, thinking and policy initiatives in government to develop the national economy and improve the living standards of the people.

Economic development and prosperity is the catalyst for political stability and good democratic governance practices in a country.

The political and economic development conditions in the country, how to change and improve the national development standards and conditions are the evidences that should inform the national political discourse in policy ideas for change and development.

Politicians are supposed to put forward their policy ideas to change the political and economic development conditions in the country.

Do you not understand that you are a loser when you support a politician and president who wilfully refuses to adopt the policies to develop the country and improve the living standards of the people?

Or do you not have a clue about the policy options available on the table of political marketplace to change and develop the national economy and improve the living standards? If you don’t, just listen and turned down your volume. The essence of politics is national development, economic prosperity and the maintenance of the rule of law.

Everyone wants to live in peace and dignity free from abject poverty and political subjugation like Macky Sall and President Barrow represent in Senegal and The Gambia.

The UDP is supposed to be the alternative for change, national development and economic prosperity in The Gambia.

Other than Darboe banging his head against the wall, UDP politics is not evidence-led-policy-informed-politics for change and national development- considering the available policy alternatives and vision for change and national development in recognition of the deplorable political and economic development conditions in The Gambia.

And it’s stupid to be blindly supporting Darboe and his failed political leadership of the UDP.

Darboe is not the president, he’s the opposition leader: Darboe should represent the politics for change and national development in The Gambia.

A 5-Point Agenda For Government. Which 5-Point Agenda? It’s a nonsense five point agenda for government!

At least if Darboe cannot come up with a winnable political agenda for change and national development in 2026, let the UDP look for coalition partners in GDC and APRC – Yahya Jammeh, if not, the heartache will be nonstop in The Gambia – it’s going to get worse.

If Macky were to prevail against Sonko, that’d be a dagger to the heart from the back. It’s Sonko and the majority of the Senegalese people who have the upper hand to prevail over Macky. Sonko will be excellent for Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea Bissau and the Ecowas sub-region.

Politics is not about people saying stupid things. Politics is the grand chess game. Policies are informed by the national economic development interests of the country, the economic prosperity of the people and the political stability of country.

You can’t bray like a donkey in politics and expect to live peacefully and quietly in the country.

The empty people just have to quietened down a bit and stop shouting Macky and President Barrow. And don’t expect to us to blindly shout Darboe.

Darboe is supposed to be the alternative. We don’t want to continue living in a useless democracy and economy called The Gambia.

Yusupha ‘Major’ Bojang

Scotland, UK

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