If our land, immigration and business policies don’t
change; a Gambian-Zimbabwe is on the horizon


By Abdoulie Bojang

Nothing is possibly threatening our peace, security and sovereignty more than our open and largely unprotected borders. The hard reality is The Gambia is losing (in totality) Gambia to foreigners and foreign vested interest.

There is nothing possibly important than a country’s future and her resources. With this trend of immigration and land grabbing, abuse of drugs and acquisition of national documents as easy as buying sweets; a next Zimbabwe is certainly on the horizon.


The Gambia’s future is the youth and its land and water resources. Unfortunately, our youths are more into drugs, trafficking, gambling and prostitution. Our lands are being purchased at unprecedented rates by vampire (foreign) investors and our water resources mortgaged to the same vampire foreign investors and countries even at the expense of the Gambia’s today and tomorrow.

To begin with, our borders; our national borders are literally unprotected and unsecure. There is a great influx of people from outside countries. Unfortunately, most of these people are not properly vetted and duly processed to come into our country. From the look of things, it is like our beloved country is becoming a dumping ground of the unwanted, unproductive, liabilities, alcoholics, prostitutes, bandits, traffickers and any types of hustlers without limits and conscience. This acceptance of fellow human beings, blacks, whites, Indians, Lebanese etc is noble but only if they are not potentially going to threaten our national security – our youths, land and water resources and most importantly our political security. Most of the foreigners coming into our country through Basse and other border entry posts are not the skilled, vibrant and morale and disciplined people. The reality is that most of our youth today exhibit attitudes, cultures and behaviours unprecedentedly anti-social and all largely emanates from our getting into contact with most of these good for nothings who disadvantageous buy our strategic lands, lure our youths into prostitution, invest in gambling and alcohol businesses without any measure or limits as to who they sell to and what quality. Most of our girls are on pills and most of our boys on alcohol. Sadly, there is no much evidently seen as effective remedies to this cancerous national security threat from our government, political and religious leaders. Our borders must be secured and protected from the invasion of the good for nothings whose sole interest is to make money at the current and future expense of Gambia and her resources. Kids who supposed to go to school are going to bet, our future wives and mothers are largely into prostitution first and our future brains and leaders are not only intoxicated by alcohol but driven crazy by foreign businesses who are equally contributing to mass capital flight.

Let’s be honest, we really need land reforms in this country if a great future is what we seek. Why are foreigners rushing to buy our strategic lands? Why are foreigners controlling and dominating our economy? Why is Jimpex and Kairaba Avenue foreign dominated in terms of businesses and even lands and landed property?

Because of our poor national documents acquisition systems and porous borders; our political future is equally going to be foreign dominated and remote controlled. In fact, it has already begun to happen. Foreigners are voting and reportedly taking party in national decision-making processes.

If and when we do not want a reoccurrence of what happened to Zimbabwe; our politicians, lawmakers and relevant institutions must do the needful ASAP. Believe it or not with these trends of things; a new Gambian – Zimbabwe is certainly on the horizon. But a new leadership and Gambia welcoming good foreign nationals and investors who wouldn’t threaten our national security and sovereignty with absolute political security will equally come to past and swiftly. It is this Gambia we all have and it is this Gambia we will defend and cherish till our last drop of blood. Take it or leave it!

I am Pan African but not destructive and irresponsible pan African.