Imam Ceesay preaches public accountability at Salikenni Gamo


The community of Salikenni in Central Baddibou on Saturday organised its annual Gamo under the leadership of Sheikh Alh Omar Ceesay.

The event, one of the biggest religious festival in the North Bank Region attracted thousands of people from across the country and beyond for a night-long Quranic recitation and prayers.

The main convener Sheikh Omar Ceesay, 77, used the occasion to call for public accountability at all levels of society.


Imam Ceesay said the menace of jealousy, unnecessary enmity and betrayal of trust must be eradicated for peace and stability to reign in our societies.  He said all religious, government or traditional leaders have a duty to protect what belongs to society or individuals, and avoid depriving the public of its dues and rights. He called on the people to continue to promote peace and solidarity at all times.

Imam Ceesay, a prominent scholar of international standing started Quranic studies in Mauritania where he memorised the holy book at a tender age before proceeding to other Islamic schools during his 15 -year study tour of the country. He was also a young protege of the late Sheikh Hattab Bojang when both were studying in Mauritania around 1957.

Upon returning from Mauritania, the young Sheikh Omar secured a scholarship for further studies at the University of Riyad in 1974 where he underwent advance islamic studies until 1978. His university mates include the current Imam Ratib of Banjul, Alhagie Cherno Alieu Mass Kah with whom he shared a room.

Currently Imam Ceesay stays at his native Salikenni, dedicating his life to the teaching and propagation of Islam.