Insurance association builds members’ capacity


By Olimatou Coker

The Insurance Association of the Gambia (IAG) last Wednesday began a three-day programme designed to build the capacity of its members.

The programme on leadership skills development saw the participation of various insurance companies including branch managers. It was held at the West Africa Insurance Institute offices in Kololi.


Makaireh Badjan, the president of IAG said: “… the only way our industry could really get prepared and be ready for the future is through capacity building. The Insurance Association of the Gambia is committed to the continued capacity building of the industry.”

He said leaders must understand that leadership comes with “big responsibilities”.

“The challenges of the world today are nothing but [the result of] bad leadership,” Makaireh remarked. “So, the training will assist and equip participants to be better persons.”

The Secretary General of IAG, Molifa Sanneh, reminded the gathering that the association was obligated to organise trainings for its members at least once in a year.

He said the training will provide insurance company managers strategies to market their products at their branches. “Therefore, I urge all the participants to cooperate and value their times and energy during the training session.”

Pa Alieu Sillah, a Commissioner of Insurance, quipped: “The subject matter for this training is both relevant and timely. Good leadership is generally accepted as a critical factor in all human endeavor.”

He said the Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the need for effective leadership now more than ever before.

“Under these circumstances,” Mr Sillah went on, “we need leadership to drive our economy to minimum growth levels, for sustainable development requires good leadership”.