Brufut plants 614 trees at Sutuba Woodland Forest


By Lamin Cham

Under the leadership of the Sanementereng Development Association (SDA), the people of Brufut recently planted 614 trees at the town’s major woodland park, the Sutuba Forest.

This annual exercise is aimed at keeping the park well stocked with trees to mitigate environmental hazards as well as preserve the natural resources for generations unborn.


Karamo Alasana KD Camara, the chairman of the SDA, disclosed that this year, some 614 seedlings of different varieties of trees were planted. He said the exercise is necessary to restore plants in the park which has suffered deforestation recently. He underscored the importance of tree planting, saying it is a natural responsibility of every generation to pass nature intact to those coming next.

He commended members of the Brufut Diaspora Association who donated D15,000 to facilitate work as well as others who also donated toward the event.

Famara Jarju from the Department of Forestry responsible for West Coast Region advised the people of Brufut to support and join the SDA in protecting the environment describing the exercise as a very good conduct worthy of emulation across the country.

The Chairman of the Brufut Village Development Committee, Pa Lamin Fatty, commended the SDA for the initiative and advised them to continue with the good work.

The initiators too expressed gratitude for the D23,000 support by one Mr Pim De Bokx through the Casa-Gambia charity group whose members, too, participated in the exercise.

Mr Bokx has the privilege of having a tree planted and named after him in the park.

The Alkalo Ma-Lamin Manneh and community elders supported the exercise.