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Famara Fofana


He is well-known by the sobriquet Sultan, a man with a strong passion for creative writing. Famara has been one of the news editors of the state-owned national television, GRTS, and has built an untainted image for himself over the years. “I love to read essays and different write-ups by other people especially those by African writers. “It can be traced back to my love for literature from my time in Nusrat. Books like ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell, ‘The Gods are not to blame’ by Ola Rotimi and ‘The Concubine’ by the late Elechi Amadi were instrumental in shaping my path to writing….Even though, these are works by non Gambians, they proved immeasurably valuable in honing both my writing skills and my view of the outside world. Achievements: Well, it has been a personal challenge for me in the past two or three years putting up essays/articles for one or two local newspapers in a steady manner. I would however consider the authoring of the book “When My Village Was My Village” as the biggest feat thus far in my fledgling career as a writer. Apart from writing: I am also fully into media practice. That has been on since 2007, when I joined GRTS as a rookie reporter then. I have had the privilege of doing documentaries, newscasting, football analysis, live commentary duties as well as news editing in the latter years. Challenges: Like any other human undertaking, writing is not without its challenges. On top of those is patronage especially in the part of institutions and corporations. Getting the much needed support and having had to dish out one’s work free to people, coupled with the fulfillment of individual pledges are the biggest challenges facing the young Gambian writers. Philosophy: Hardwork, humility and faith are my mantra. Role model: There are few of them…On the home-front you have Nana Grey-Johnson, Sheriff Bojang and Ardiatou Fatty. Beyond the media, Njundu Drammeh of CPA too also remains an influential role model for me. Why them: “They are three brilliant individuals or personalities who have all in different ways made an impression on me. All of them have been highly acclaimed journalists and are reputable wordsmiths too. “For my hobbies, I am a football lover; a Man United maniac like one Talib Gibran. Attaya sessions are also refreshing and Latin American telenovela series. “My dislikes will include fat-headedness and holier-than-thou tendencies.” Words by Aminata Ceesay]]>

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