Introducing BonanzaWin


By Tabora Bojang

A brand new state-of-the-art Gaming Centre has opened its doors in Serrekunda. This center is operated by BonanzaWin, a Gambian company with European and Gambian partners, based here in The Gambia. With an emphasis on quality comfort and customer service, BonanzaWin are sure to capture the market’s interest.
New top of the range Slot Machines have been imported from Europe along with the latest screen and computer technology. Sports Betting Fans can expect over 1,500 events per week from all the major Football Leagues as well as lotto games and virtual sports. The best HD televisions will show live matches from around the world including the English Premier League, Seria A, La Liga and the Bundesliga as well as the top competitions like the forthcoming World Cup.

With a maximum payout of One Million Dalasis on sports betting, BonanzaWin clients will have the opportunity to win life changing amounts of money for as little as 20 dalasis.
The giant gaming company is set to create job opportunities for young Gambians and are aiming to employ over 500 staff, as part of their expansion plans. “We want to ensure we have the best staff to provide and meet high standards of customer care,” said Andrew Liles, CEO of BonanzaWin Gambia. “We will provide continual training to our staff and teach them new skills, which will hopefully help them grow and progress through the company,” he added. Andrew has over 30 years experience in the gaming industry and is looking forward to bringing his knowledge and experience to the Gambian market BonanzaWin is also active in other West African countries.


BonanzaWin has an established track record as a fair and responsible gaming company, fully compliant with all regulatory requirements in Gambia. The company commits to protecting its customers by applying high standards and responsibility. Ansu Mboge Aronsson, the Gambian co-founder of the company who has been founding and operating large scale gaming companies in The Gambia since 2004, said: “We have a goal of promoting best practices in the gaming industry and that individuals under the age of 18 will not be allowed into our Gaming Centers.

We are also a Socially Responsible Company, who wants to be part of and contribute towards the community. We have a history and desire to give back to the local community and good causes. Part of our revenue will be used to fund local social projects, such as sports clubs and health care.” He also says that “to launch a large-scale operation like this takes substantial foreign investments which is another benefit for the country apart from the large scale employment opportunities it creates for the country’s youths.”

Ansu Mboge also wants to highlight his and his company’s gratitude to His Excellence Adama Barrow, the President of The Gambia for lifting the ban on gaming on fully licensed companies which Jammeh injured the country with out of the blue in 2014. “Thousands of Gambians lost their jobs over night, investors lost millions. It was a huge mess, which scared and deterred a lot of foreign investors from entering The Gambia after that. Now all that has been put into order and this company BonanzaWin will invest an approximate one million dollars into the Gambian economy and create over 500 jobs for youths during the first year alone. That should be attributed to His Excellency’s initiative,” Ansu Mboge says.

“We have big expansion plans; we have already secured other units in Senegambia and Sukuta, and expect them to be open before the start of the World Cup in June.”
This weekend is the launch weekend at the Serekunda Center with promotions and giveaways throughout the weekend. Any sports fans visiting the shop will be guaranteed a warm welcome and an experience not seen before in Gambia. With a motto of “We Love To Pay You” BonanzaWin is sure to take the market by storm.3bb