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Africell Demonstrates the Power of 5G, Showcasing the Technology Within the Greater Banjul Area

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Africell Gambia is taking significant strides in the telecommunications arena by showcasing the capabilities and potential of 5G technology in various parts of the Greater Banjul Area. This initiative is part of a broader campaign aimed at not just unveiling 5G but also educating the public on its numerous use cases and the pivotal role it will play in the future of connectivity.

Central to Africell’s 5G showcase is a series of demonstrations designed to illustrate the transformative power of 5G technology. These demonstrations aim to bring to life the unparalleled speed, reduced latency, and massive connectivity that 5G promises, which are set to revolutionize industries such as healthcare, agriculture, education, and smart cities development in The Gambia. 

The “Demos” as they are called, aside from illustrating the extreme speeds delivered by 5G networks also offer subscribers the chance to win the latest 5G capable phones, experience Virtual Reality and Interact with Artificial Intelligence agents by just talking to them directly without the need to type.

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In an enlightening series of interviews, Africell Gambia’s CEO, Hussein Diab Ghanem, provided insights into the current landscape of 5G in the country. “It’s crucial for our customers to understand that while 5G represents a monumental leap in technology, its penetration within The Gambia is still in its infancy. Currently, the compatibility of phones with 5G is limited, and our 5G network coverage is concentrated in specific areas,” Ghanem noted.

He highlighted that Africell’s 5G access is presently available in select locations such as Banjul, Kairaba Avenue, Fajara, Senegambia, and Brusubi.  The Africell CEO notably stressed on the fact that 5G is far from being available all through-out the country and that Africell will use this learning phase to plan for future expansions of this cutting-edge technology while leveraging on the experience the Group already has with 5G.

Hussein assured this news outlet that Africell had already launched 5G in Angola and in Sierra Leone with Africell Gambia being the 3rd Network in the Group to offer such services.

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Africell’s “5G Demonstration” events, set to continue over the coming weeks, are strategically located throughout the Greater Banjul Area. These events serve as a platform for the public to experience the capabilities of 5G firsthand and to learn about the significant benefits it brings to personal and professional life.

Despite the spotlight on 5G, Africell remains dedicated to its robust 4G and 3G services, known for their reliability and speed, ensuring that all customers enjoy high-quality connectivity. “both 4G and 3G connectivity are far from obsolete”, insisted the CEO, “on the contrary we continue to invest heavily on both as still a vast majority of subscribers depend on even 3G alone”. 

“We are actually on the verge of a massive 4G and 3G expansion and we will leave no stone unturned until every Gambian in this country has access to data on any technology which serves them best at the most affordable price” promised Diab in the most committed tone.

Alongside its technological advancements, Africell is deeply committed to its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, significantly impacting education, healthcare, and community development across The Gambia.

By demonstrating the power of 5G, Africell is not only showcasing a new era of telecommunications but also reinforcing its commitment to innovation and education. This effort underscores Africell’s role in driving the digital transformation in The Gambia, preparing its society for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow’s digital landscape.

Africell’s ongoing efforts to showcase and expand 5G technology reflect the company’s dedication to enhancing digital connectivity and fostering an understanding of how this next-generation technology can be leveraged for societal advancement and economic growth. As Africell continues to pioneer in the telecommunications field, its focus on both technological excellence and community engagement remains a cornerstone of its mission to connect and enrich the lives of the Gambian population.

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