Introducing (Falilou Janko)


DJ Senator has a name and it is Falilou ML Janko. Witty and satirical as well as eloquent, the 26-year-old multi-skilled media figure is a household name in the country’s entertainment industry. He hosts popular ‘Dasama Waato’ and Sounds of the Smiling Coast shows on Radio Gambia and African Mix programme on GRTS TV.


How he started: “I attended Bajulunding Upper Basic School before proceeding to Mingdaw Senior Secondary School in Farato where I graduated in 2006. I started my media career with Brikama FM radio station (FMB) as sports reporter. I spent two years there. While reporting sports, I was also writing sports and entertainment for the Voice Newspaper. I later joined Unique FM, and I was among the pioneers of Sports Tonight show. In 2009, I joined GRTS Radio as a DJ and a reporter.



Inspiration: “I think my inspiration comes from my love for Gambian music. Listening to Gambian vibes, I felt that there was a gap in the promotion of Gambian music and contributing my quarter would bring a difference. I’ve made huge impact since I came in. I could remember before my arrival in 2009, of course, there were promotions in the music arena, but if you look at the musical industry today, you will notice a huge difference. Also, I’ve inspired lots of young DJs in The Gambia.


Why Senator: “Well, the name could be traced back when I was in high school. I did a presentation on the topic ‘The Senate’. That’s how the name came about and I love the name so dearly.


Life as a celebrity: “We’re oftentimes taken to be pompous and reputed for dysfunctional relationships. Of course we mingle with some of the most beautiful people and the fans throwing themselves at you. But that does not mean we are unserious.”


Philosophy: Be natural and creative, and do give your best if you want to succeed.

Status: “I am not married and I’m not going out with anyone for now.”



Words by Sirra Chorr