Introducing (Joey Goggins )


Joey Goggins, a published author and artist raised in Oklahoma’s capital in the United States, is on the path to success. Joey is best known for her short story she wrote at just 17 years old, Poetry’s Love Trap, a short story about a family’s struggle of growing up on the rough side of town.  She is a sophomore broadcast journalism major at Langston University. Her most recent work is a biography of her father Raymond Goggins, entitled In Due Time. Joey started her own company called Bennie Publications.

When asked why writing? Joey replied: “Writing is my passion, it comes so natural. I don’t mind my teacher telling me that my only assignment is a ten-page paper because I know that if my timing is right, I can knock it right out.”  

At tenth grade she began to work for Bob Davis Fish market in Oklahoma City and has been there for three years. When she returns to America she will take on two more jobs, leaving her to work three jobs total. She continues to push forward and work hard so that her siblings can live a comfortable life. 


Joey explains that her mom, Angela Turner has had enough sorrowful days and she wants to put an end to her mother’s worries. “I want to end my family’s struggle.” She says she wants to set a great example for all eight of her siblings. Joey was raised by a single mother of four and as she blossoms into a woman she realises how hard that must have been. “I am forever grateful for my parents, and everything they have or haven’t done for me. It all has made me who I am today, for that I thank them.” Asked about her philosophy of life she replied: “Just go with the flow. At the end of the day, God knows what will happen.” 

She is currently on an internship at Standard Newspaper in The Gambia.