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Jaliba launches albums tomorrow

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With Sheriff Janko

Gambia’s king of kora pop, Jaliba Kuyateh, has spoken highly of his new double album, which are set for launch on 6 January 2018 at the Independence Stadium.
The new albums, expected to hit boxes of, will showcase his growth from rookie to maestro and gives his fans a body of work, which he holds dear to his heart.
The albums titled; Koliliko and Gambia Sii Kiling, contains six-tracks each and were superbly recorded at his Brikama-based studio.

In an exclusive interview with The Standard yesterday, Jaliba expressed his optimism that from the looks of things, this year’s event will surpass all his previous launchings in grandeur and razzmatazz.
This, he said, is demonstrated looking at the number of people both at home and from the Diaspora, who have expressed interest to grace the event.

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He called on his fans to embrace the messages contained in the new albums, especially in the album titled Gambia Sii Kilin which is an anthem for unity and non-discrimination in ‘New Gambia’.
He made reference to the lessons learned during the last political impasse, when the spectre of tribalism nearly tore seams of the country apart.

“So I decided to compose a song entirely dedicated to bring people together, because tribalism was not happening here before. That’s why I came up with Gambia Sii Kiling and even gave proofs,” Jaliba mused.
He assured his global fans to get ready for an historic launch, as his team is doing their part to give their fans a memorable event.

He acknowledged that many people were inveigled from coming to The Gambia then due to certain reasons or the other, but, he continued, “We ushered in New Gambia many people are coming home. The feedbacks we are getting so far ahead of the event are overwhelming and this goes to show that people and fans are ready for the event. As I speak we are expecting more people from the Diaspora, who registered and expressed their resolve to come and grace the occasion. Everyone is talking about it. I do music to make my fans happy, informed and entertained,” The Gambia’s pre-eminent music star told Standard Lite.

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