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Jammeh speaks on July 22 anniversary

By Omar Bah

Former president Yahya Jammeh has once again broken his silence from his cocoon in Equatorial Guinea.
A written statement confirmed by APRC officials to have come from him conveyed his congratulations and prayers to his party supporters on the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the July 22nd coup which brought him to power in 1994.

“On the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the July 22nd revolution, I have the greatest pleasure, gratitude and pride of being your leader,” Jammeh wrote adding that all “patriotic and Allah-fearing development-oriented nationalist APRC supporters both at home and abroad will celebrate the anniversary with pride and dignity and strength based on the tremendous achievements in the socio-economic development of our beloved country.”

Hewent on: “We achieved always, whatever was thought to be unachievable in our national development objectives and therefore, let’s all remain eternally united, focused, loyal, honest, peaceful, resolved and with continuous devotion to the worship of and faith in the Almighty Allah, Inshaallah, we shall achieve all the greatest and noble development objectives we have for our country and beyond.May the Almighty Allah guard, protect, guide and shower his infinite bounties, blessings and mercies on all of us, always, in this world and grant us all perfect health, peace, prosperity and happiness forever, and grant us all the highest Janna in the hereafter. Ameen.”

Jammeh said “with the strongest unity of purpose, patriotism, brotherhood, of man, love and respect for each other, the great APRC party, Inshaallah, shall always prevail. With strong eternal faith in, and fear of the Almighty Allah only, I salute you all.”

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